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Al Tradhe

Capital: Vrad

This is the outer reach of mostly volcanic land from long ago, and tucked up on the south side of the Fereledria, it's warm and sunny most of the time.

It was settled long ago by sailors from the north of Halia, in search of fruits for trade; finding a warmer land with little population, many of them stayed. Wine is the main product, but a variety of fruits and spices are second. The land is broken and hilly, the political entities mainly small and fiercely independent city states, each with its own style of wine, until fairly recently. There had tradtionally been truoble with some of the other bay states, though not in recent centuries. They have mixed over the years with the lands on the western side of the continent, and have agreed to not grow coffee.

Its capital, Vrad, features one of the largest still-living climbing roses in the world. This plant is so huge that grafts have been made onto it in several areas, including famed and rare roses stolen from the Queen's Rose Garden in Colend, where they flourish. Portions of the plant have been trained over the generations to wind round most of the buildings, hanging down windows and over balconies, perfuming the summer air with all varieties of rose scent. The bees are a secondary product, and in fact, the local honey is a delicacy not often sent out.

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