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The capital lies at Thandator--a name that is a conglomerate of three tongues, the most recognizable being "tor" or "people" in Sartoran. This name exemplifies Alcandamer's complex, and too often tragic, history.

The kingdom lies directly north of the Fereladria, and so it has a clement climate. In the south it is heavily forested around the great Sun Lake, which is one of those strange lakes that tend to shift anyone in them between places and occasionally times. The Ylo Cand river forms the north/south border, though political borders are pretty much ignored by the morvende and maulan populace, who outnumber the other humans--not that you'd know it. Thus traders wander from Tartha at the west along the river Candelmen and take ship at Point Canda or Selan.

The north of Alcandemer is bounded by a spine of mountains that form a very old and active geliath for the morvende, a border shared with Kotelia. The center of focus here is a selense redien, deep in the border mountains.

The northwest corner of the country is thick old cove forest that is home to one of the biggest maulan tree-cities in the world. There are three such cities, one here, another on Drael (many on Drael, but none so large) and one in Sartor, also not as large. The entire maulan population of Goerael stops here at some time or another, and it's the first stop for maulan wandering from other continents.

Alcandemer was also the first stop for the Venn on their initial appearance through the world gate. They established a colony here, as was their habit on Earth; by the time they made it back, expecting the colonists to fall back in line, they were surprised to discover that the colonists had found out that they were no longer in the same world, and so their loyalty to the old Venn ideas had altered. Add in refugees from Toar and its own troubles, and establish a clement climate and rich farmland in the south, and difficult terrain in the north (leading to isolated establishments) and you end up with a populace of mixed backgrounds, cultures, and above all, intentions, leading to a brisk and determined struggle for dominance that lasted for centuries. This was made worse by the Venn's reappearing now and again in order to regain control, in order to keep their badly-needed supply base for their forays southward.

The Venn also discovered the island of Feleit, which had been settled earlier by renegado Chwahir, so this, too, contributed to the long history of the troubles: the Felitians wanted to stay independent of the mainland, and the mainland tried at various times to annex them.

After the Norsunder war against the morvende, who had used white (and to an extent green) kinthus is rituals that attempted to regain dena Yeresbeth--and some did--one of the mages gifted the newest ruler, who was far more enlightened than most previous ones, with a golden crown called the double-crown. This golden circlet, when worn, enabled one to see a doubled image of a speaker who was consciously lying. After this, it was generally aknowledged that anyone who possessed the crown had the throne.

The result of the Norsunder incursion and of the gradual settling of the government led to a few centuries of relative peace. The kingdom is known for its arts, especially textile arts, as in brocades, tapestries, silks, flax-products, etc--cooperative efforts between sunsiders and morvende.

The current rulers are the Haldaria family (note the Sartoran again) and the language, a real amalgam, is known as Lenitei.

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