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Ar Mardeth

Ar Mardeth was once part of Sartor's northern region. This was in the days when Sartor's border had (for most of its early history) been settled at the Mardgar River that drains into the very eastern point of the Sartoran Sea.

Unfortunately for this region, its southern border, once the Telneos River, was raised by mages desperate to keep Norsunder out. All this mountain range did was destroy the river, ruin the climate over that region for generations, until the land found a way to regain balance. Norsunder was not kept out, and the Mage Council decided that Sartor had lost that bout in all ways.

Ar Mardeth was abandoned to the enemy. The populace hid, fought back, or migrated, and for a long time that area was a ruin. When people migrated back, the vines were gone (though it was soon discovered that the northern slopes of the new mountains were excellent for vines and for tea), and the climate had altered. Resentment for Sartor's betrayal lasted for many generations, leaving the people inclined to look northward to Colend for trade, support, and cultural leadership.

The language was still Sartoran, but they renamed it Mar (later Mar Sartoran) and adopted many of the Kifelian intonations, which outsiders pretty much regarded as snobbish affectation.

The west is prairie, the east forest, bordering on the Free Forest of Barhoth which is an unpolitical region surrounded by polities.

During the Norsunder war this country was used as a vast supply depot and base for Norsunder's forces. The result of this was to make the rulers sink their earlier quarrel (now hundreds of years old) and apply to Sartor for provincial status.

The city of Sared Atanrei, built to emulate Alsais with its canals and pretty houses, was once a stopping place for the migration to Sartor for the Music Festival. After the Music Festival became a Colendi event, the city was one the wealthy, idle, and artistic went to in autumn to see the leaves change.

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