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Locan Jora

Locan Jora has mostly been part of Khanerenth for centuries, though Colend has lured it from time to time into at least considering becoming a satellite. (This happened during Matthias the Magnificent's time, but didn't last much beyond his lifetime.) The clans of the hills and plains are fierce, independent, and do not like bowing to anyone. They have furnished some of Khanarenth's several ruling families--and caused many of its civil wars.

The "negotiating" family for eight centuries was the Loca clan; when Canardan Merindar took the throne of Khanerenth, they ceded again from the kingdom, and he did not have the strength to force them back. After the war, they began negotiations for rejoining.

Locan Jora is known for its fast, temperamental, long-legged horses. It also imports exotic woods from the highlands, and beautiful carved screens are made and sold.

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