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Despite Colend's fame for negotiating, most historians (outside Colend) agree that the Breisians take the palm for superior skills. After all, they exist next to Chwahirsland and Colend, but have not been swallowed up.

This is not for lack of trying. The Chwahir, who seldom negotiated in the past, would cross the border mountains to find the desperately needed port on fire, in agreement with the Asha of Arland (later Dishlen). The morvende would then appear out of nowhere and give them magical trouble they could not ward. They learned to leave Breis and Decael alone.


Breis's main income is through the port, which they share with Dishlen. But by agreement with the latter, Breis handles all business, in accordance with a treaty with Colend for its sea trade.

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