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Edal Haven

This corner of Toar just below the peninsula shared with Orcana and directly west of the once-volcanic Stormborn Isles was once an outpost of the Sartoran empire before the Fall. It was thus a mage center as well as a market draw for wood and fine crafts. It settled into a major ship building site, with a secondary trade in carriage-making. the carriages made here are beautifully designed and well-spring, yet sturdy enough for less-than-optimal roads. The designs are closely guarded, which has made for some adventurous stories in the past, with kidnapping of designers, artisans, etc.

Edal Haven was the first desire of Damondaen to the west, whose antecedents everyone knew were pirates (despite denial by the Damondaens}. Their longing for a sea route ran deeper than a need for trade routes, especially as Edal haven was always reasonable in its trade policies in and out, as its entire economy was based on that.

but Damondaen got hold of it at last, and then spent generations trying to hold it, as peaceful, inclusive Edal Haven became a hotbed of insurrectionists, spies, and revolutionaries, gleefully fostered by the Stormborn Islands families. It was probably a relief when greater troubles sparked off an allied resistance: at any rate, whether because of this or because the governors had thoroughly intermarried by the time of the revolution, Damondaen gave only a token battle, and made peace.

Khef and Sar Torad are the main harbors, the latter being mainly for ship repair and building.

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