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This area has a very volatile history. This area was claimed by Venn colonizers who vanquished the Sartorans at Silverwater, a beautiful city of bridges over the many outlets of the Silver River that drains out of the mountains running down the center of the continent. The main crops here were hemp and leddas with rice planting in summer. The Venn called the place Erkhein which seems to have meant land of hemp (from erd and haenep) .

There was a lot of back and forthing between various sets of people, which worsened when the windrunner horses (white horses) were discovered. These are beings from another world who alter between light, water, and flesh forms, preferring the horse or the stag. The younger beings like being horses; when they get older, most move to the sea and do not come out on land again.

The horses teamed with humans, who loved and cared for them, but fought constant wars, and on those horses, they were unbeatable. But the humans could not breed the windrunners, as they are not mammals, so the idea of an empire of windrunner warriors never translated into reality.

But still, whoever had access to the horses controlled the government. Eventually three equally tough siblings decided to make peace, and broke up the country into three segments. The portion south of the river is barren in soil, but has mining, and the horses--including beautiful horses brought over from Halia, as the windrunners are not bred. The horses train with the windrunners, and are splendid mounts.

North are Vhakheinen and Selendrei Khem

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