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Stormborn Isles

These once volcanic isles are rich in soil, and also in gemstones. The isles have great natural harbors, and so there is a great deal of trade here, especially for ships that do not want to sail all the way inland, and pay higher fees.

The isles were largely settled by refugees and exiles, whose descendants maintain a ferocious independence of the mainland polities, accelerated by the many years that Damondaen controlled the coast at Edal Haven and south. The government is by family council, no one holding precedence--in fact, half of the council's business is usually brangling about who will be chief, when the necessity to vote for a new one arises. The campaigning can lead to bizarre and profligate behavior as favor is sought (or outright bought) and so the locals look forward to these events with great anticipation. Local entertainment is seldom as good as an election year, and the perks are enormous. It's been said that some of the parties lit the eastern sky like false dawn, as seen from Edal Haven, and everyone knows it's an election year, which gave rise to the joke that calls thunderstorms over that part of the sea "Island Voting."

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