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Eth Endra

It is said you have to be smart as an Endran to exist between two behemoths like Colend and Sarendan, but Eth Endra has (for the most part) done just that. It has been swallowed by Colend a few times, and successfully renegotiated its freedom again, mostly through the smarts of its rulers, who are raised as mages. The Alcharedei family shows its relation to the Sartoran Deis in the last part of its name, as a kind of reminder.

The western border has maulan coming and going along the river, bringing music and song. The main crop along the river is rice. The forest is lowland cottonwood, willow, elm, sycamore, white oak, all of which are scavenged and made into excellent wood goods.

The last secession from Colend was after Norsunder took Sartor; after Shontande Lirendi's stellar marriage, and the resultant rise in cultural brilliance, Eth Endra has secretly debated negotiating to rejoin Colend--a prospect highly lauded by the small duchies immediately to the west.

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