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Gil Al Mardgar

The many inlets and streams in the massive estuary that forms most of this polity were all once part of the main western port of Sartor, at the base of the mighty Mardgar River. Gil al Mardgar still is the main port for all the local polities' fishing fleets and smaller trade ships, and so it does well enough to stay independent--charging Sartor stiff fees indeed, in retribution for the centuries-old mistake made in raising the mountains as a (useless) defense against Norsunder. Much slow negotiation has been going on between Sartor and Gil al Mardgar and Mardgar whose port is the bigger Ela. The Norsunder War, horrible as it was, inadvertently helped the cause of Sartor slightly: there is hope that trade will resume again without the thumping great fees that have been exacted ever since those mountains were raised.

The country is tiny, bordering on the Principality of Renselaeus at the west end and Mardgar at the east. Pretty much everything and everyone has to do with shipping and trade.

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