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Mardgar, like Gil al Mardgar, is a tiny polity bounded by two branches of the great Mardgar River (these would be North and South Mardgar) with the Port of Ela in the middle, the oldest harbor in the world, or so Sartor maintains.

But Sartor lost control of Ela when the great mountain range was raised on what is now Sartor's northern border. As memory reaches back centuries, so does resentment, and Mardgar, like its neighbor, keeps itself independent and wealthy by charging Sartor roughly triple what it charges local traders. There are of course exceptions, and negotiation is going on, but resentment remains in many sayings and slurs against Sartorans, especially the mages, for their lack of loyalty.

Ela is a deep-water harbor, so most of the big shipping comes in here, the smaller craft going north into Gil al Mardgar.

Canal trade brings down goods from local countries.

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