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Halverian is the result of an early melding of a splinter group of what is believed to be Baka from the world gate, and early Sartorans. About the only evidence left is the musical heritage of the area, which was adopted by the Sartorans and sent east via Edal Haven--and the first part of the name, which, according to ancient song, stems back to an ancient Bantu exclamation "Ala!" or "Remember!" The harrowing, poignant grief of those songs first attracted the Sartorans to the singers, who were a fierce people of small size.

It is believed that these people sailed along the coast of Toar, and up along the coast of the Halian subcontinent (thus the name) settling there mainly as fisher folk, and blending with everyone else over the centuries.

Halverian, however, had a different history. Shaggy, sure-footed hill ponies seem to have been brought by far-sailing Chwahir in search of new lands to colonize. The resulting mix of people developed into a strong kingdom with aggressive tendencies. Halveraen very early on swarmed over the mountains that make a spine clear down to the Land Bridge, and took the east coast until they were fought back. Then continued to be troublesome for many centuries, though most of their efforts have been to gain more land on the west coast, especially at the expense of Toar. This far south, the winters can be bitter and cold, freezing the plains; the mountains are good for growing tough crops such as rye and oats, but good land is always wanted.

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