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Hier Alveraen

As is obvious from the name of the country ("hier" = "land", "al" = "bright" and "varaen" one of the many variants of ferian or varian or faraen meaning friendship/harmony/community with connotations of cooperation) the name is Sartoran.

Reputedly this area was settled by refugees from Roth Drael after the Fall. There is a selense redian in the northern mountains. This area and all down through the mountains running south along this end of the continent are many ancient geliaths, from which morvende have moved back and forth over the centuries as Norsunder tried to hunt them down and exterminate them.

The people are about as traditional as one ever finds; sour visitors have said that they're more Sartoran than the Sartorans. They work to keep the language "pure", preferring the older forms; if they could get everyone back to the original vertical alphabet they'd be happy, and in many uncompromising corners, indeed, that's the alphabet in use. Even so, they were isolated from old Sartor for so long the language evolved, largely in pronunciation. When they rediscovered Sartor again, they were shocked by the differences, and insisted that theirs was the older version--which persisted until the two genuine Old Sartorans refuted it.

Sartoran history, literature, poetry, and art are preferred to other forms. Inland is excellent farm land, against the mountains is forest land along which maulan travel.

The main harbor is at Klenal Bay.

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