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Hael Morvendrion

The capital lies at Sierleth, a name which suggests the melding of Venn and Sartoran cultures which formed this land.

The notorious west winds having largely spent themselves by the time they reach this land on the inner coast of Drael's west side, the land is fertile, with great forests against the mountains. Yeath fur, gems, and a range of other commodities keep it wealthy.

Its history is made up of constant, dramatic conflicts between tiny polities--duchies and principalities, mostly--made up of Venn descendants, Sartoran descendants, and mixtures of the other two, with morvende and maulan and other travelers also thrown in. Early on the Venn controlled the area, but lost them first: their own warfare was readily adopted and used against the homeland during a time when the Venn were least able to exert themselves to regain this colony.

The only reason Hael Morvendrion did not expand far beyond its borders more than a couple of times was because they were seldom unified enough to do so. That changed when the Anton and Maraghan families sank their differences, cemented an alliance by treaty, and the son of that alliance used brains, charisma, and a well-trained right arm to whack peace into the squabbling pocket kingdoms. As a result, the kingdom is quite wealthy, and second only to the Venn in forces to be reckoned with.

The young king, David ("dah-VEED") married Gaeleth Erelenda, a movende, which resulted in lower geliaths being opened to house refugees when the Norsundrians came over the border looking for target practice during the war.

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