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This corner of Toar is probably the most mysterious and the bleakest historically, with the most storms, possibly because of the currents being split by the changes in water and air due to the many volcanic islands to the south, or due to other causes that underly the fact that no indigenous races live anywhere around this area, short of Geltera.

The facts are, this is the area the last slavers escaped to, in the early days of Toar's settlement. It was later the area exiles from the west were sent (here or to the desert), it was also where outlaws from Damondaen went, and last, it was constantly raided by the pirates who used to hide out in the islands. The name seems to be a derivation from the Venn (on earth, terms taken from Old Icelandic): its nearest translation would be "Burden of Oppression."

Though the original meaning is long lost, that seems to be emblematic of the area. It has sought to expand when not fighting internal wars; the ruler is an accomplished dark-magic Magic mage. After the Norsunder war of the late 4700s, Listevren crossed the border and took Ehdavein to the south, which has been overrun off and on for centuries.

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