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Mhen Drun

The local language is called Solara which is an amalgam of just about every tongue humans brought to this world. It was actually a trade tongue before contact with the Sartorans, after many centuries of isolation, brought the simpler Sartoran Dock Talk.

Like all human languages, what was created to be simple eventually enriched itself. Mhen Drun lies south of Teldenor, divided by some rough, rocky mountains left from the volcanic ructions thousands of years ago. the mountains have gradually worn down to rocky hills, creating rich farmland near the eastern border (which was once the coast, before the last and greatest of those ructions, which raised the eastern side of the continent above sea level) and mostly grassy plains coastward. The great Senyavin Desert lies to the west, which is where most of the restless young vanish, leaving a stable population who seldom cause problems. They live quietly with their animals, and have only had occasional troubles with Soldan Anor to the south, mostly when climate produced too many dry years, or when various nobles in the south decided to grab some northern land and horses.

The ruling family is Arkanian, the ruler in the late 4700s Tamath.

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