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Soldan Anor

The language of this area is Solara (AKA Olara); see Mhen Drun for an explanation.

This kingdom is a fine blend of mountain (ore, gems), wood (excellent woods for scavenge trade), and farmland. It is thus a wealthy kingdom, and this has unfortunately tended to foster the notion of spreading the wealth by conquering and not just trade. The northerners tend to send their hot heads for a time into the desert, but directly west of Soldan Anor are the Six Cities of Andeti which makes it less optimal for shooing off one's troublesome youth, if one wants them eventually to come back.

They've also tried to expand southward, though Orcana isn't much of a prize. And it's hard to conquer.

In the past couple of centuries, it's made itself wealthy with strengthened trade ties and intermarriages.

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