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Nov Rual

Like Eneh Rual, this little kingdom was created by treaty as a buffer against the Marlovans. Its historical background is mainly Iascan, mixed with Toaran traders, and as such, they mightily resisted the Marlovan raiders when they first swept down from the north. For a long time it belonged to the Marlovans, and life was peaceful enough, but when treaty divided it off from Tiv Evair, which was mainly Marloven, Nov Rual became fierce about exact recognition of the border otherwise totally invisible across the plains.

They suspect that they serve as objects of humor to their neighbors, and they are right, but just the same, they require stiff customs charges (and no weapons allowed) from anyone crossing their land, especially out of Tiv Evair.

This state of affairs only lasted as long as the alliance governing council did; when that overseeing body collapsed, everything changed fairly rapidly.

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