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Eneh Rual

The background of this thin, coastal 'country' is Iascan, with a mixture of the Marloven clan called Montrei-Hauc. It never was any kind of united polity, but always belonged to Iasca Leror, and then to Marloven Hess, being summarily chopped and reassigned by treaties between other powers as history ebbed and flowed around it. The Rualese are fisher folk, their speech mostly remnants of old Iascan, with Sartoran and some Toaran words mixed in. Their focus has mostly been the sea.

The existence of Eneh Rual was a sham from the start, as there was never any governing body local to the Rualese. They were 'protected' and run by an alliance that mainly wanted the Marlovens bottled up and unable to access the sea. After the Norsunder War, when the alliance left them alone in order to address problems at home, they promptly petitioned Senrid Montredaun-An of Marloven Hess to become a province--which not only gives them back their protection, but ends the foreign-imposed tariffs and customs laws. So once again, the Marlovens have access to the sea.

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