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Ralanor Veleth

Capital:Lathandra, (a castellated city)

Ruling Family: Szinzar

Language:Ferzhi (shared with immediate neighbors due to all that border-crossing)

A landlocked kingdom of mostly broad plains bisected by three great north-flowing rivers, it was settled by exiled Venn. They were part of the Marolo Venn (outcasts) who later settled in Iasca Leror. The horse culture here was limited, unlike the "Marlovans" who had what seemed unlimited broad plains. The Velethi thus adapted to land cultivation and castellated living far sooner than their fellow outcasts. Roots of their origins remain in the name they gave their land (annes lies at the root of Ralanor, annes meaning, roughly, unity, and vela at the root of Veleth, vela meaning prosperity).

Like the Marlovans and the Venn they wanted to expland, as horse cultures need to be fed, but their neighbors pushed back. The Velethi remained a military culture, their ruling family pretty much consistent, which kept cultural development from changing little. The Szinzar family (szin coming from scin or bright, shine, sunlight and zar from scir or land or territory, the whole meaning leader) has pretty much ruled all along, with a few (extremely violent) breaks in the line. Those leaders made the perceived problems worse, which succeeded in uniting the Velethi behind the Szinzars once again.

The hierarchy is the king, also commander in chief, and the land is divided into counties, the word 'count' going back to responsibility for furnishing armed warriors, horses, and also for husbandry.

The biggest problem facing the Velethi has been the lack of good farmland, as well as the conflict between cultivating the river areas and preserving the plains purely for military use. The usual idea has been to use their ready army to conquer outward, which seldom lasted beyond a generation or two: the Velethi weren't totally overrun by exasperated neighbors because even at their worst they never had a scorch-and-burn policy, but really did want access to fertile land, and the farmers to cultivate it so they wouldn't have to.

Intermarriage and trade has made them barely tenable.

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