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Seven Cities of Alian

The oldest of the cities was a free city back in the days of Old Sartor, and many of its traditions remained as tradition with the endurance of law, though others eroded. The importance of these trade cities has long since dwindled, but they remained as traditional centers for negotiation and treaty, thus were honored by most local governments a neutral territory.

Their importance has dwindled so much they are mostly centers for learning, especially scribes and heralds, and for local diplomatic meetings. The land is plainsland and not especially valuable; its neighbor, Nardarian, was created to satisfy the peculiar wording of an old treaty.

Only a couple of the cities remain, shadows of former selves. Except for the seventh in Nardarian, the rest are ruins, which afford much interest and exploration for those who like that sort of thing. The constant plains winds, the sandy soil around there, has pretty well buried the ruins.

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