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Not to be mistaken for Nandaria, up east of the lake. Nar (ner, nere, neir) all relate to music, and harmony, in Old Sartoran. As a prefix this was understood to mean "harmonious" in several meanings. Thus, Nar-daraen could be taken to mean Musicians' or music's friend.

Nardarian is an otherwise uninteresting territory on the flat plains below the Adrani lands whose single claim to fame was a music school in ancient Sartoran times. However, it was not just a music school, there was also training in household management--and in spying. The perfect stewards came from here, who knew how to run a house with an eye to harmony--and to protect it. The house was one of the first targets during the Fall, but its reputation had taken so hard in history, legend, and especially in song, that the school was established, failed, and re-established over and over all through history. The territory itself belonged at one time to the Seven Cities (it is technically the seventh city, but several of those have long been gone), it's belonged to Al Caba, and of course for the longest it's belonged to, or been under the aegis of, Anaeran-Adrani and later Sles Adran.

it was from here that the Adranis developed their famed flower culture, as one of the lingering effects of the old pre-Fall days.

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