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This very old, remote polity between Silver Lake and the mountains bordering the Land of the Venn on the west was mainly settled by Venn who chose exile, for whatever reasons, usually political or social, sometimes artistic when the Venn went through periods of harsh control in an attempt to hold the empire together.

A sense of aloofness or independence was a hallmark of the people here, who lived for generations without any perceivable government in the customary sense. The interesting thing about Silverwood is that there are mages and morvende both who suspect that the original morvende came from this area, possible through the selense redien at Shaer, which could have not only thrust them back thousands of years, but gave access to a cave and water complex inside the mountains, which eventually became the first geliath.

The 'ven' in morvende could come from Venn but it is more likely from the Old Sartoran 'fen', the word for 'people,' from which the Venn themselves took their name. Venn scholars and Sartoran scholars have each claimed the morvende for their own. There's little proof either way, except that some of the wall paintings and so forth here seem older than those in Sartor, despite the insistence of the Sartorans that morvende first took to caves as a result of the Fall. Maybe both happened.

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