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Sles Adran

Country on the southern coast of the Sartoran continent, its lands traditionally bordering on the Sartoran Sea. They allied with Norsunder for power but after the great war the King, Bartal, was deposed and his niece Chantala was putative queen, though she never ruled. Damaged by poison, her grasp on the here and now was tenuous as best. She married Macael Elsarion, and took his name, dropping hers because in her view it had become tainted by her uncle's alliance with Norsunder--bringing the long Shagal rule to an end. As she did not bear a child, the line ended in fact.

Sles Adran was the eastern end of what was once Anaeran-Adrani, which evolved slowly and painfully after Sartor relinquished its outlying provinces. The capital was set at Nente, which had been the government center under the Sartorans. Nente lies in the eastern mountains, carved in steps over several slopes, just below several spectacular waterfalls. The land is fertile and self sufficient, but the Adranis looked to Sartor and then to Colend for cultural leadership. After Matthias the Magnificent expanded the Colendi empire, the Adranis began emulating Colend, a trend strengthened when Sartor vanished for a century behind enchantment.

In many ways Nente's life was typical of any city which tries to emulate another, but there was one remarkable difference: the flower culture. Colend's fashion trends have changed over the years; their taste for fresh flowers everywhere, the fashion for garlands, for sending messages with floral attachments faded, but remained in Sles Adran, and as it were, took root. There was historical precedent for flowers used in symbolic ways, giving rise to the Adrani flower culture. Flowers were not just grown, used as communication in subtle ways, but flowers worked into furniture and fashions became the norm for a very long time. Flower names were popular for babies.

The influence and power of the kingdom was severely shaken when the Enaeraneth revolted, creating their own kingdom under the Elsarions. Thereafter governmental policy always had to include plans for dealing with the Elsarion government, which was always interested in expansion. The Adranis thus ended up making very expensive treaties, the result of which created butter states all along the coast. They did not always win, which meant that buffers were not just surrounding the Enaeraneth, but themselves as well, however these were run by complicated marriage treaties, which eventually all added greatly to the Adrani coffers. These states melted back into the old polity on the accession of Macael Elsarion to the throne through marriage with Chantala na Shagal.

Capital: Nente

Ruler: King Bartal until 4759

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