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Wardrael, with its capital near the lake and forest at Caravel, was once a powerful Sartoran province. It's usually been a powerhouse in local politics, with interruptions by the ambitious Lamanca, or by Colend endeavoring to gain more influence westward, and by various other ins and outs of history.

Its neighbors have also conspired to keep it from becoming too powerful, though this side of the lake has the best farmland and grazing area. The forest folk are fiercely independent, and do not accept Wardrael's sovreignity--except when threatened from outside, but it's always been lip service. their carvings of scavenged colorwoods are world renowned, with their intricacy and their thin, amazing patterns of inlaid gold. The forest folk only go as far as Darnal to travel and trade, and won't trade farther, or let anyone within their forest.

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