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King's Shield

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King's Shield

Publisher: DAW
Publication Date: July 1, 2008
Media Type: Hardcover
Pages: 608
ISBN: 0756405009
Preceded by: The Fox
Followed By: Treason's Shore
Available At: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

King's Shield is the third book in the Inda series. Though it was originally going to be the final book, it is now the third out of four.

In this adult fantasy novel, Indevan Algara-Vayir comes home after nine years of exile. Two of his friends go with him, expecting anything but the welcome he gets. But with the welcome comes the poignancy of change. Inda has no time to assimilate it. His purpose in breaking exile was to report what the Marlovans had been expecting for years: imminent invasion by the powerful (and unbeaten) Venn. The king is now Inda's old friend Sponge, only he too has changed, burdened by the responsibility of a ruined kingdom. Inda finds himself at the head of an army, his childhood academy mates--second brothers all--are now the Sier Danas, the king's commanders, because the older generation of leaders are all dead. Everyone looks to Inda to lead--but he's never even seen a land battle! Meanwhile, the Venn plan and execute their invasion, though its motivations become increasingly murky, as fissures form in their own government. And as the two armies clash, Inda's fleet--built and honed by Fox--waits on the other side of the world.[1]

Synopsis (contains spoilers)

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The Fox is also available as a paperback or an ebook.

Publication DateJuly 7, 2009July 7, 2009

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  1. Sherwood Smith's Bibliography

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