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Characters in the Inda Series

Here are the characters from Inda, The Fox, King's Shield, and Treason's Shore. Only the people named are listed, so in the case of the families, members not mentioned in the book by name don't get listed here. It's long enough already. Most of the characters are sorted into categories, but there is a miscellaneous list at the end for the ones who don't belong in a category.[1][2][3]

The Academy

Inda's Academy Tvei Class

  • Indevan Algara-Vayir (Inda) brother to Tanrid Algara-Vayir
  • Tlennen Arveas (Flash)
  • Landred Askan (Lan)
  • Mardred Basna
  • Jarend Cassad (Rattooth) brother to Cassad Ain of the Sier-Danas
  • Kethadrend Ennath
  • Anred Fera-Vayir (distant cousin to Inda)
  • Ramond Fijirad (Fij)
  • Garid Kepa-Davan (Kepa) brother to Kepa Ain-liegeman to Tlen Ain
  • Anred Lassad (Smartlip)
  • Kendred Lith
  • Landred Marlo-Vayir (Cherry-Stripe) brother to Buck of the Sier-Danas
  • Ander Marth-Davan (Mouse)--cousin to Tdor Marth-Davan
  • Evred-Laef Montrei-Vayir (Sponge) brother to royal heir, Aldren-Sierlaef
  • Evred Ndarga
  • Kendred Noth (Dogpiss) brother to Whipstick Noth
  • Kethadrend Sindan-An (Tuft)
  • Vandas Tlen (Biscuit)
  • Nadran Toraca (Noddy)-cousin to Nadran Khani-vayir
  • Camarend Tya-Vayir (Cama) brother to Stalgrid (Horsebutt)

Academy Staff (mentioned)

  • Head Master Brath (senior administrator, reports to royal shield arm)
  • Master Gand (former Dragoon Captain under Captain Noth, appointed by king as primary tutor of first Tvei class, also senior hand-to-hand combat master)
  • Master Kavad (senior tutor, senior riding master)
  • Master Starthend (former dragoon, Tvei class's second primary tutor, archery master)
  • Olin and Yennad, senior stable hands
  • Emad, nephew to Master Gand, part of supply staff
  • Joal, part of kitchen and mess staff

Aldren - Sierlarf's Sier-Danas

  • Tanrid Cassad
  • Manther Jaya-Vayir
  • Aldren Marlo-Vayir (Buck)
  • Jasid Tlen
  • Anderle Yvana-Vayir (Hawkeye)

Marlovan Families (members mentioned in books)


Arveas Family

  • Kendred "Dewlap"--former Cavalry Captain, now Jarl of Olara, based at Castle Andahi, Flash's father
  • Liet Tlen, Jarlan
  • Tlennen "Flash"
  • Ndand Arveas, (daughter of a guardswoman, so 'of Tlen' or just Arveas) Flash's betrothed, later wife
  • Kethadrend Arveas "Keth", Flash's small brother
  • Gdir Tlen, Keth's betrothed
  • Children of Castle Andahi
    • "Keth", nine-year-old son of Jarl, Flash's small brother
    • Gdir Tlen, daughter of Captain of Riders and the next armsmistress, 10, brother Tlennen, betrothed to Kethadrend (Keth) Arveas
    • Lnand, daughter of castle baker
    • Radran, 14, cook apprentice (cousin to Lnand)
    • Rosebud and Young Tana (Tanrid) three and six
    • Dvar, nine-years-old
    • “Freckles” (Hadand), nine-years-old
    • Billykid (Evred) eight-years-old
    • Haldred Mondavar, brother at academy “Moon” (Camrid)


  • Senrid (Jarl)
  • Ivandred (Shield arm: Randael)
  • Ndara (second cousin to Jarl, married to Harskialdna)
  • Tanrid "Cassad Ain" (heir:Laef)
  • Carleas Ndarga, (betrothed--later wife--to Tanrid, the heir)
  • Jarend ("Rattooth"--later "Rat", future Randael)
  • Kialen (future Harandviar to Evred-Laef Montrei-Vayir, Spoiler for the Fox: died in the Hesea Springs Conspiracy)
  • Mran (grand-daughter of Ivandred Cassad, brother to Jarl, betrothed to Landred Marlo-Vayir)

Only two Deis mentioned in the first two books:

  • Joret, first wife to Jarend Algara-Vayir
  • Joret, future wife of Tanrid Algara-Vayir, niece of Joret (Jarend Algara-Vayir's wife)


  • Camrid (Jarl)
  • Fareas (princess: Iofre, married to Jarend-Adaluin Algara-Vayir), his second cousin
  • Mdar, Jarlan of Cassad
  • Retren (heir: Laef)
  • Anred (future shield arm: Randael), part of Inda's Tvei class


  • Camarend ("Horseshoe": Jarl)
  • Manther (heir: Laef) -- died at Ghael Hills battle 3907
  • Marend (betrothed to Savarend Montredavan-An)
  • Ivandred "Vanda" new heir, his cousin Retren part of his Tvei class
  • Retren (cousin to Vanda, now to be his Randael)


  • Kethadrend, former Rider Captain to the Tlen family, made Jarl of Olara
  • Anderle ("Kepa Ain": oldest son, slated to be dragoon captain)
  • Linan (daughter: born before rise in rank, thus not betrothed away)
  • Garid ("Kepa" later "Snowballs" when made heir to new Jarlate)
  • Nadran (future Randael)


  • Nadran, Jarl (no offspring)
  • Nadran “Noddy Turtle” Toraca, Randael to his cousin Nadran after death of his father against pirates. Son, Indevan, appointed heir to Khani-Vayir by Nadran, confirmed by king.
  • Branid “Nightingale” Toraca


  • Hastred "Hasta", Jarl
  • Camrid "Scrapper", Randael to Hasta--Buck and Cherry-Stripe's uncle
  • Aldren "Buck", heir: Laef, later Jarl
  • Landred "Cherry-Stripe", future Randael
  • Fnor, betrothed/wife to Buck Marlo-Vayir
  • Mran, betrothed/wife to Cherry-Stripe Marlo-Vayir


  • Tdor: betrothed to Inda Algara-Vayir
  • Ramond: cousin to Tdor, future Jarl, died at coast
  • Ander (Mouse): cousin to Tdor, was future Randael, now new Jarl


  • Savarend (Jarl)
  • Lineas Sindan-An (Jarlan: cousin to Tlennen Montrei-Vayir)
  • Savarend ("Fox": heir)
  • Shendan ("Shen": daughters cannot marry out by treaty)


  • Tlennen (king: Sieraec during peace, commander of King's Riders, the professional force who guards the kingdom "on patrol"; Harvaldar during war time, titular commander of army at war, which includes treaty-stipulated forces provided by Jarls joined to the King's Riders), Anderle and Evred's father, Spoiler for The Fox: died by assassination during Hesea Springs Conspiracy
  • Anderle (royal shield arm: Sierandael during peace time, commands the Guard of the royal city, and oversees the Academy; Harskialdna during war time, actual commander of King's Army; his wife, when there is a foreign queen, oversees the Queen's Guard and the Queen's Training of future Jarlans and Randviars), Spoiler for The Fox: died by assassination during Hesea Springs Conspiracy
  • Ndara Cassad, queen, wife to Tlennen, in charge of queen’s training and royal guardswomen, Spoiler for The Fox: died murdered by her spouse just before he was assassinated
  • Tdiran, former king’s sister, died in riding accident (married to Jarl of Yvana-Vayir)
  • Wisthia Shagal (queen: Sarias, from Anaeran-Adrani), Spoiler for The Fox: retired to Adrani homeland on death of husband Tlennen
  • Aldren ("The Sierlaef", royal heir: Sierlaef), Spoiler for The Fox: died by assassination during Hesea Springs Conspiracy
  • Evred "Sponge", future Shield Arm: Varlaef, Spoiler for The Fox: became king on father’s and brother’s assassination in the Hesea Springs Conspiracy
  • Barend , son of Anderle and Ndara--cousin to Aldren and Evred, Spoiler for The Fox: interim Harskialdna, also shipmaster for Fox Banner Fleet at sea


  • Hemrid (Cavalry Captain of the King's Riders, West)
  • Hastred (future Rider Captain to Marth-Davan family, unless father promoted)
  • Carleas (betrothed to Cassad heir: future Jarlan)
  • Evred (included in Tvei class: future dragoon captain, or Randael if father promoted)


  • Dauvid ("Horsepiss": King's Dragoon Captain, later interim Randael to Algara-Vayirs, then defender of Fera-Vayir Harbor)
  • Senrid ("Whipstick": future dragoon captain, promoted, Spoiler for Inda: Randael to Algara-Vayirs)
  • Kendred ("Dogpiss": included in first Tvei class, as are all second sons of King's commanders)
  • "Flatfoot" Noth, Whipstick's cousin, his personal Runner
  • Kendred "Goatkick" Noth, Flatfoot's younger brother, a Runner-in-Training


  • Nadran ("Noddy Turtle", or just "Noddy"--future Randael, then heir, to Radran Kani-Vayir, who has no brothers--and no children)
  • Branid ("Nightingale"--personal runner to Evred-Varlaef, king's second son)
  • Indevan (Inda, then "Pug) Noddy's son


  • Stalgrid ("Horsebutt" heir: Laef, then Jarl)
  • Imand Sindan-An, Stalgrid’s betrothed, then wife
  • Dannor ("Mudface" betrothed -- then married -- to Aldren "Hawkeye" Yvana-Vayir)
  • Camarend ("Cama" shield arm: Randael, later Jarl of Idayago)
  • Starand "Honeytongue" Ola-Vayir, Camarend's betrothed, then wife


  • Camrid "Mad Gallop", Jarl, Spoiler for The Fox: Led the attempted coup of Hesea Springs Conspiracy, executed 3912
  • Tdiran Montrei-Vayir, married to Jarl, king's sister, died in riding accident
  • Anderle "Hawkeye", heir: Laef, Spoiler for The Fox: Jarl after father executed for regicide
  • Dannor "Mudface" Tya-Vayir, betrothed--later wife--to Hawkeye
  • Tlennen and Haldred ("Badger" and "Beaver"), twins, to be Hawkeye's Randaels
  • Fala, potter (life mate to Hawkeye)

Chief Runners

  • Jened Sindan, Captain of the King's Runners, in charge of training all royal runners, King's life mate, Spoiler for The Fox: died defending Evred at Ala Larkadhe
  • Waldan, Farnid--chief personal runners to the Harskialdna, brother to the King
  • Ranet, Pandet, chief personal runners to Ndara Harandviar, married to king's brother
  • Nallan, Kened, chief personal runners to the Sierlaef, the king's heir
  • Vedrid Basna (use first name, as Runners full of Basnas), chief personal runner to the Sierlaef, Spoiler for The Fox: then First Runner to Evred-Harvaldar
  • Tesar, personal runner to Hadand and Kialen, Spoiler for The Fox: then chief personal runner to Hadand-Gunvaer
  • Branid "Nightingale" Toraca, chief personal runner to Evred, king's second son
  • Fiam, once Inda’s intended runner, became Tenthen Castle's steward-in-training
  • Chelis, youngest of Fareas-Iofre's personal runners
  • Noren, Tdor's personal runner
  • "Flatfoot" Noth, Whipstick Noth's personal runner (his cousin)
  • Hened Dunrend "Dun the Carpenter", a King's Runner, related to Captain Sindan, Spoiler for Inda: assigned covertly as Inda's bodyguard aboard the Pim ships, unknown as a Marlovan to Inda until after Dun's death
  • Camarend Kened, one of Evred's Runners
  • Hatha, one of the King's Runners perforce made into a healer for lack of same

Owners and Crew of Pim Ryala

  • Ryala Pim (ship-owner's daughter)
  • Olla Pim (ship-owner)
  • Peadal Beagar, Captain
  • Handar Kodl, First Mate
  • Indutsan (purser)
  • Other Mates and Mids: Vorzcin, Norsh, Leugre, Fassun
  • Deck and Top Sailors: Scalis, Niz, Black Boots, Gillip, Reef
  • Dun the Carpenter's mate (actually Hened Dunrend, a King's Runner); "Sails" and "Cook" (Adun-Cook), most known by their job-titles
  • Inda's Fellow Shiprats (later mids): Dasta, Faura, Jeje sa Jeje ("Jeje"), Taumad Daraen ("Tau"), Testhy, Zimd

Kodl's Marines (only ones named)

Inda, Scalis, Niz, Tau, Jeje, Zimd, Yan, Testhy, Dasta, Thog Daughter of Pirog, Wumma, Nugget, Rig, Hav, Viac and Loos "Fisher", Uslar, Mutt, Dun

Inda's Ships and Crew

  • Death (trysail, once Spear under Boruin),
    • Fox Montre-Davan-An, captain
    • Barend Montrei-Vayir, first mate (cousin to Evred)
    • Taumad Daraen "Tau", Inda's chief assistant
    • Dasta, second mate (later promoted)
    • Gillor, captain of top hands (later promoted)
    • Lorm, cook
    • Crew: Thog (daughter of Pirog), Uslar, Mutt, Pilvig, Jug, Fibi the Delf
  • Cocodu (raffee, once Coco under Gaffer Walic)
    • Dasta, captain
  • Rippler (schooner)
    • Sometimes captained by Mutt or the youngsters as practice
  • Skimit (schooner)
    • Fibi the Delf is sometimes the captain, but he prefers being captain of the tops or sailing master
  • Vixen (scout cutter)
    • Jeje sa Jeje, master
    • Usual crew: Fisher Brothers Loos and Viac, Nugget (second mate)
  • Swift (fleet, Silverdog and Moon) -- joins Inda's fleet for Brotherhood battle, rejoins Fox at Pirate Island
    • Swift, captain
  • Rapier (raffee)
    • Gillor, captain
  • Sable (schooner)
    • Eflis, captain
    • Sparrow, first mate
  • Wind’s Kiss (trysail)
    • Tcholan, captain
  • Blue Star out of Sarendan
    • Captain Fangras

Pirate Ships

  • Sable - Eflis captain, Sparrow first mate (joins Inda's fleet in The Fox)
  • Sea-King - Halliff captain
  • Coco - Gaffer Walic captain, Varodif first mate, Gutless second mate
  • Bloodfire - Ganan Marshig captain (also commander of the Brotherhood of Blood)
  • Spear - Boruin Death-Hand captain, Majarian first mate
  • Brass Dancer - Dal Raskan captain
  • Widowmaker - Emis Chaul captain
  • Princess - "Scarf" captain (used to be a princess of Khanerenth before revolution)
  • Wind’s Kiss - trysail, [pirate ship taken off Toar, Tcholan new captain]
  • Knife - three-masted, square-sailed longship, Venn-built, formerly owned by Venn, taken by Captain Ramis.

Denizens of Freedom Island

  • Commander Dhalshev, formerly Admiral of Khanerenth Navy, now harbor master of independents in Freeport Harbor
  • "Woof" Woltjen, his assistant
  • Nugget Woltjen, Woof's sister, crews on Inda's ships
  • Scubal, a sodden former pirate
  • Lorenda, proprietor of a cordage shop
  • Denizens of the Lark Ascendant pleasure house: Mistress Lind (proprietor), Tivonais, Lissan, Ziri, Nanog

Denizens of the Nob, Harbor at Tip of Olaran Peninsula

  • Sholf, harbormaster
  • Nangel, chief scribe to Sholf
  • Skandar Mardric, head of Resistance, once Indayagan scribe
  • Estral Mardric, sister to Skandar Mardric, poet, spy in Resistance
  • Bristan Mardric, brother to Skandar and Estral, Spoiler for The Fox: co-opted by brother as spy and assassin (once tried to kill Evred, and was let go, the winter Inda fought the Brotherhood)
  • Rend Dalloran "Dallo", innkeeper, part of Resistance

Denizens of Bren

  • Friends at Lower Deck Tavern: Haelec, proprietor, Jeje’s hires Thess and her son Palnas, Nathad, Marn the old lady, Japsar, Col
  • Wisteria House--pleasure house offering music and pantomime, proprietor Mistress Rosebud
  • Asfar House--pleasure house preferred by musicians
  • Eris, daughter of playwright, a musician
  • Kerrem, waiter friend of Tau’s who is also a musician
  • Denja Arrad, actor nicknamed “The Comet”
  • Royal Family:
    • Galadrin, King of Bren
    • Kliessin, Crown Princess of Bren
    • Kavnarac ,“Kavna”, Prince of Bren
  • Captain Wenald, a beached captain kept chained to a pirate galley eight years

Adranis (Anaeran Adrani) (pronounced "an-AY-arr-an ah-DRAW-nee")

  • Martan Shagal, king of Anaeran-Adrani
  • Nalais, queen of Anaeran-Adrani
  • Valdon Shagal, crown prince, Spoiler for The Fox: marries Joret Dei
  • Randon Shagal, cousin to Valdon
  • Fansara, sister to duke of Bantas
  • Phaura, Lais, Wisthia Shagall's chief ladies
  • Lady Ialari, baroness, friend to Wisthia Shagall
  • Lord Jasil, current ambassador to Sartor
  • Tirthia Shagal, princess of Anearan-Adrani several generations before, famed for her beauty and wit


  • Rajnir, Prince of the Venn
  • Abyarn Erkric: Dag, Rajnir’s principle mage
  • Fulla Durasnir(Hyarl): Oneli Commander ("Stalna") of the Venn Fleet of the South (Prince's Fleet)
  • Vatta Durasnir, son of Fulla Durasnir--died at sixteen in Rajnir's sea battle against Chwahir
  • Brun and Halvir: Durasnir’s wife and son
  • Gairad: Battlegroup Captain directly under Durasnir
  • Seigmad, Battle Group Captain (in charge of southern invasion, under Durasnir)
  • Talkar: Hilda Commander (“Stalna”) of the South, Rajnir’s army commander
  • Hrad: Battle Chief in charge of the southern portion of the Venn invasion, replaced by Vringir
  • Brit Valda: Chief Sea Dag
  • Fulk Ulaffa: Yaga Krona Chief (head of prince's mage protectors)
  • Jazsha Signi Sofar, Sea Dag, former hel-dancer trainee--given special mission by Valda
  • Other dags (mages):
    • Female: Anchan, Signi, Audir, Finni, Driaf, Mekki (on Pass)
    • Male: Egal, Byarin, Falki
  • Skir: Armor Chief, army chief detached to guard duty in Bela Lana
  • Byoren Henga, Drenga captain (sea-marines, under orders of Hilda once on shore), at Arveas Castle
  • Oneli Coast Scouts Greba and Walfga (part of Erkric’s ruse during putative parley at Ala Larkadhe)
  • Ymarans:
    • Lord Annold Limros, Count of Wafri ("ANN-old LIM-rohs, WAH-free"), Spoiler for The Fox: captured Inda and tortured him to try to force him to fight the Venn
    • Penros, his chief mage

Miscellaneous Characters

  • Captain Dirbin, out of Mardgar, trader
  • Captain Gannis of the Royal Oak, a privateer
  • Captain Lum of the Damnation, a pirate
  • Captain Ramis the One-eyed, of the Knife
  • Captain Taz-Enja of the Nofa, out of Sarendan, naval ship
  • Dallo, spy for Olaran Resistance and part-owner of wine shop
  • Danden Sharl ("The Brainsmasher") held Pirate Island before Ramis freed it
  • Dranon, ship's boy to Captain Taz-Enja of the Nofa
  • Dyalen, a pleasure house woman (House of Roses) in Iasca Leror's royal city's Heat Street
  • Fedrid, one of the workers at House of Roses
  • Ganan Marshig, Leader of the Brotherhood of Blood pirate federation
  • Kendrid, owner of House of Roses, uncle to Dyalen
  • Lady Dascin of Mearsia, friend to Prince Valdon of Anaeran-Adrani
  • Lael Lirendi, new king of Colend
  • Liet, Tenthen castle girl
  • Lieutenant Tigga, Venn ship Reed-Skimmer; Captain Vaki, (Drenga) marine captain same ship
  • Lissais, heir to throne of Sartor
  • Mdan, a popular pleasure house girl in Iasca Leror's royal city's Heat Street
  • Mistress Resvaes, from the Mage Council of Sartor
  • Nestra, briefly crew on Inda's Death
  • Rainbird, a first timer expert at Golden Butterfly
  • Retham the ironmonger, Lindeth Harbor, one of Mardric’s Resistance
  • Saris Eland AKA Sarias Daraen, owner of the Golden Butterfly pleasure house in Parayid Harbor, and mother to Taumad. Spoiler for The Fox: Vanishes during pirate raid.
  • Tdiran Vranid, Randviar (defending woman commander) at Ala-Larkadhe. (Related to the Vranids of Choraed Elgaer.)
  • Vrad, Tenthen castle boy
  • Zek the ropemaker, Lindeth Harbor, one of Mardric’s Resistance

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