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Girl pirate and daughter of a pirate. She has the anti-aging spell and has been a child for many years. She is loud, almost illiterate, and has terrible manners and language. She is also loyal, generous, and a lot of fun. She is very skilled with a rapier and a knife, and she thrives on action and adventure. [1] Dtheldevor is tall, strong, and brown, with dark, slanted eyes and long, dark hair. She enjoys boasting about her successful exploits and laughing over her unsuccessful ones. [2]

Dtheldevor was never a real pirate. Her father Berdrer was in his early days, but he (mostly) reformed and threw in his lot against the usurper who they believed was Norsunder-backed, and became privateers--attacking the usurper's fleet. They were branded as pirates, of course, with prices on their heads. (They compared these, and there was brisk competition among them to gain the highest price.) Dtheldevor's name at birth was Berdrera, and her father taught her sailing and fighting, fully intending that she take over his captaincy when he retired, but he and his crew were killed by treachery, and as it would have looked bad to murder a child, she was put in a state workhouse to learn to mend her ways. As soon as she could, she escaped, found herself some friends who became her crew, and took up the cause once again.

She had certain protections from Lilith the Guardian including a ward that protected Dthel Rendm and Onder Veis, the pirates' secret island hideouts, from discovery by the Norsundrians. Crew comes and goes--in later years Dtheldevor's fame is such that restless kids from all over the world travel up and spend at least some time in her fleet, which is mostly made up of kids. Her staunchest crew are her best friend, a maulan girl named Sarmonwilda, Carsen, a boy who left--grew up, got old--then came back as a grizzled old coot with excellent sailing skills. Sharly, a centaur from the northern continent, is part of the crew. They are joined by the Warren kids from earth, Joey,Ellen, Gloriel and Peridot.

Their adventures begin in Barefoot Pirate, Dtheldevor's story.

Her primary ship is a fast schooner named the Berdrer--for her father.


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Phys. description from vars. FP chapters.

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