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Barefoot Pirate

Untyped story of Dtheldevor and her pirate gang, including the Earth family, the Warrens.

In this story, the four youngest Warren kids find themselves taken from a part in L.A. to S-d, where, to their immense delight, they get to join the crew of a kid pirate ship. Dtheldevor is not a pirate by the usual definition of a pirate. That is, she's a pirate in the eyes of the current usurper who has enchanted the real king and kept the crown prince (who's a somewhat wooly-headed musician) prisoner. Dtheldevor thus thinks of herself as a privateer, but of course she's not going to get a letter of marque from a usurper, whose guard ships and harbors she attacks.

The kids take on the responsibility of freeing the king since it seems no one else is: all the neighboring kingdoms are having trouble with Norsunder, and there are no allies. At least, not directly.

A mirror story was written for Wren's World; however, it split off into its own story.

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