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Irenne Sherwood

Irenne is part of CJ and Clair's gang of girls who live in Mearsies Heili.

(Though her name is spelled 'Irene' in the CJ notebooks, from long habit, it is actually pronounced Ear-REN-neh) and the extra n will be added in subsequent stories.)


She has long brown hair she normally wears in a ponytail.[1]


She is probably the most dramatic of the group. She's moody in temperament, but loyal to the group and the instigator of a lot of the games. She's also very entertaining on long rainy evenings in the Junky. She loves clothing (especially pretty dresses) and is good with a needle.[2] Dhana Sherwood and Irenne do not get along well.


Irenne claims that her background is a terrifying tale.[3]


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