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Dhana Sherwood

Dhana is part of CJ and Clair's gang of girls who live in Mearsies Heili.


She is a strange, moody girl with thin, flyaway brownish blond hair worn short at her shoulders and changeable eyes. She moves with grace, not fussy or show-offy, but fluid, like everything she does is a dance. [1]


She is not entirely human, her people are Lake Beings in a pond in Sherwood Forest, Mearsies Heili. She chose the name Dhana when she heard Diana's name and said her people's name when translated is close to Dhana. [2] Her people do not do well in the dry heat, she needs lots of water or she gets brittle and irritable[3] She has an unnerving sensitivity to weather, air and water.[4]

She also has a powerful but latent capability for very powerful magic.


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