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Latvian Askan is a dark-magic mage who lives in Marloven Hess. His daughter is Hibern, and he has a son named Stefan, who was temporarily made crazy by experimental mind-control spells. He was allied with Tdanerend Montredaun-An until he was overthrown by Senrid Montredaun-An. Latvian, who had begun to regret the alliance, was permitted to retire from public service under a vow that he would never experiment on human beings again. He is also friends with Kwenz Sonscarna of the Chwahir.

Latvian did cooperate with his daughter in finding the antidotes to his spells, which eventually permitted Stefan Askan to live a normal life. When Latvian died, Stefan inherited the family castle, and went on to have a normal life. Hibern, by then, had moved away, living in Roth Drael with Erai-Yanya Vithyavadnais.

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