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Oscarbidal Selenna

Prince of Selenna in Sarendan

Died spoiler 4734


He is a heavy set man, with slanted eyes and reddish hair; the stocky build and red hair he passed to his daughter, Lilah Selenna, but his son Peitar Selenna takes after his mother, Sharannah Irad.

Because he is a territorial prince, he had a tendency to stick to the older forms that heightened his importance, such as wearing a red court wig in the capital, though that fashion had largely gone by when Darian Irad took the throne.

He fell in love once, with Princess Sharannah Irad, married her and nearly beggared his principality in a massive dowry that went straight to funding the king's army. He did everything he could to make his wife happy, and while she came to appreciate his kindness and loyalty, and gave him two children, she persisted in her teenage passion for the stable master's son, and eventually committed suicide, which devastated the entire family.


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