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The Sonscarna Family

The Sonscarna Family has been the ruling family of Chwahirsland for many centuries.

In the early 4400's Joras Sonscarna is the prince of Chwahirsland.

In the mid 4600s Shnit Sonscarna took the throne, and, determined to keep it forever, he eventually killed outright or brought about the deaths of not only his generation (and elders) but his own following generation. There were three who escaped, a princess who eventually was killed elsewhere, though not before she had a son. Kessler Sonscarna, of the third generation down, also escaped as a boy of ten. Shnit spared one brother, his oldest, Kwenz Sonscarna as long as he remained at the outpost called the Shadowland on Toar, and otherwise did Shnit's bidding.

Later, as generation after generation passed and his rule became ever more draconian, no one dared speak his name lest the word draw his notice, and he was known as The King out loud, and The Hate among Chwahir in private.

Members of the Sonscarna family

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