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Terry Larensar

King of Erdrael Danara, his full name is Tereneth.


He has Brown hair, freckles barely visible in his tanned skin, and brown eyes in a good-natured face, one side of his face badly scarred, three fingers missing [1]


His family were power hungry and tried to make a bargain for power. In the coup that occurred, Terry was badly wounded. Terry was a compromise after some very corrupt nobles and royals died in the fighting. The three small nations were then recombined as Erdrael Danara, and the noble ranks reorganized. The Mearsieans first met him on a mutual escape from Chwahirsland when he was small, and corrupt nobles traded his life to Shnit Sonscarna.


  • Halad Travec, called Lad, a half-Chwahir friend, initially a low servant (as Chwahir tend to be outside their kingdom) who helped Terry out. They pretty much adopted one another as brothers when both their families died in the civil war/
  • Rel

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