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Erdrael Danara

Three tiny kingdoms banded together earlier in the 4700s, mostly to mutually reinforce resistance to constant attempts by the Chwahir to overrun them. They had separated and allied back and forth, then a vicious civil war was initiated when one set of greedy and corrupt nobles tried to take over the other two nations, selling out Terry to the Chwahir king. He was rescued by Rel, and returned home, where the fighting continued for about a year before the corrupt individuals were vanquished. The three little kingdoms were reunited under Terry, the remaining nobles agreeing to a drastic reorganization of their ranks along typical lines in that area: counts hold counties, under them holders. The only dukes are the few remainders of the old royalty.

The king has to be a mage; currently that is Tereneth (Terry) Larensar.

Danara was always the leader; when uniting, the little kingdoms abolished tariffs between their borders, and worked together to facilitate trade at the harbor at Danai. This harbor is also known as a way station for the alliance of strait forces intended to rout pirates and Chwahir.

Corval, the capital city, was rebuilt on one of the lakes. Most agree it's one of the finest stone cities built in a couple of centuries.

The southern reaches are foresty and full of hills, giving way to the plains just above Holan. Erdrael Danara is well regarded by its neighbors. It participates in the treaties enabling river traffic along the Margran river, it encourages travel, it's easy to settle there, but when it's threatened, it takes the lead rather than waiting for someone to defend it. This after hard-won experience.

 He encouraged kids on the Wander, and it's still a popular stopping place.

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