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Wende Beditha

Queen of the Delfin Islands.

In 4735, the Regnant Council of the Delfin Islands resigns and restores the monarchy that ended 235 years earlier. They elect as Queen the current descendant of the last king's daughter Beditha.

Her official birth name would be Beditha Parleb the Twelfth, but the family gave up the name Parleb when they stopped ruling. She is instead named Beditha Twelve and commonly called Twelvie.[1] When she becomes queen, Beditha Twelve decides to choose another name. She picks Wende—for her great-aunt Wende—as her first name and keeps Beditha for her last name.

She soon discovers that she has been commissioned to free Everon from its enchantment using a dyr found in the old royal palace.[2]

Wende travels to the mainland. Being a Delf, from ship-going people, she's not very up on courtly manners and mores, but she soon proves that she has a saying from her tough old granny for just about every occasion.


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