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The Zhavalieshin Family

The history of Khanerenth is wild and colorful, and the Zhavalieshins are no less wild and colorful. They were a hill clan, like most families at the east end of Sartor, who discovered the sea. Just as Khanerenth and its neighbors had to be stubborn and tough to resist the skillful, smiling influence of Colend who never gave up gently trying to find a way to the sea, so the Zhavalieshins had to be stubborn. They traded off with several other families (all intermarried, so genetically speaking there's more or less a connection between all the rulers there) in ruling Khanerenth, whose changes of throne tended to be summary, if not violent.

The Zhavalieshins had held Khanerenth during the dark period when Norsunder was trying experiments with Sartor, Colend, and other kingdoms--keeping things on an even keel until the advent of Canardan Merindar, who was exiled from his homeland, Remalna, and so made his way east to try his fortune. He took a crown . . . and lost it.

Members of the Zhavalieshin family

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