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Waste Spell

The Waste Spell is taught to all children as soon as they are old enough to learn it. It's like the S-d form of potty training. To use it, a person says the spell and releases the waste at the same time. The waste goes directly into the ground, just like dirt that is magically removed by cleaning frames.

Animals do not have the Waste Spell, so in most cities animal waste is taken care of by Wanders' Guilds. Wanders walk the city streets all day and pass wands with a variation of the Waste Spell on them over any animal waste they find. [1]

In most countries caravans are expected to hire their own Wanders, buy Wands for their stable hands to do the job, or pay for the service. Travelers in carriage or by horse are not; they contribute toward Road Wanders in the price they pay for goods and services in various places, differing from place to place. (Inns generally pay a Wanders Tax as their business depends on travelers. Some build the tax into their prices, others have a separate charge per animal.)

The Spell dates back to the earliest days after humans first found themselves on this world, and the indigenous beings, discovering that not only were humans fast befouling the environment, they were also making themselves sick, communicated the connection to the early mages, who, when they comprehended the connection, not only arranged for this magic (for the curious, the waste is broken down chemically and transported deep underground), they arranged for spells that could be performed over specific items, such as buckets, that not just cleaned the water of bacteria, but cleaned items dipped into the buckets. This concept was then extended to baths; the spell on the baths included the cleaning of teeth, so tooth cleaners were generally used on the road, unless one stuck one’s entire head into a bespelled bucket. The spells also extend to industry: for example, to catch wood chips from floating downstream from a carpenter’s workplace, chaff from a miller, etc. Guild dues cover the maintenance of such spells in cities. [2]


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