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Firesticks are the most available form of heating in the southern lands. These are sticks of a hardwood laid on with spells by mage students. Most Firesticks are spelled for a winter's use, though some--extremely expensive--are bespelled for longer periods. The control of Firesticks has been the most visible action of the Mage Council for centuries. There is a generous counting for every land, though that can be limited if a kingdom is reported to be hoarding them, or charging extra fees, or otherwise interfering with the spread of them. No one is denied a Firestick by the Council--except if they are attempting to use it for evil purpose. Governments will exact a penalty for that, as they do not want the price raised on them--or Firesticks denied. There are safeguards laid on some Firesticks, which are given out in areas where this might be a problem, like a belligerent kingdom.

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