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Transfer Spell

The transfer spell collapses space around one, so that one can shift from one space to another. Most mages have enough trouble managing that much. It's extremely powerful magic (think of a the energy required to transport you in your jetliner seat from London to New York all compressed to a second) and requires a great many safeguards, which is why it is not in general use. It is also costly, because of the amount of magic required.

Safeguards include Destination tiles, which have patterns one depicts before transfer: one needs to know exactly where one is going, or one just snaps out of space into . . . no one knows. Some mages (and desperate people fueled by adrenaline) transfer to people or objects. The danger here is a sort of minor explosion. We know that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so the one coming in with the greater velocity displaces the resting object, usually with the violence of a pool cube shooting the eight ball into the racked balls. Destination tiles are kept clear so that the only thing displaced is air.

Old Sartorans using the Old Magic also know how to manage time so that the transfer is far smoother. But that magic has not been shared--elsewhere is (or will be!) a discussion of the Old Magic versus the new. "New" being that in use for the past four thousand years.

Now, space and time are not universals, but relative, at least to the indigenous beings. Therefore one can enter the caves called the selense redien and sometimes walk out of the other caves. No one knows why this transfer works sometimes and doesn't work other times--or works sort of, shifting you to a cave you had not intended to leave from. That and the weird effects of the caves with their 'singing stones' makes the caves seldom entered by choice.

The last type of transfer indigenous to the world is by water. This is only managed by indigenous beings, and humans do not feel the agent of transfer. They just enter a body of water and exit another, often without knowing which water they would emerge from.

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