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Leddas (leddis, lethis, khardeg in Erdrael Danara, where patterned "weave" is famed): a waxy water plant that grows by rivers and marshes. It is one of the most versatile plants, used for all sorts of things, including shoes, belts, and oil. There are different types of material created by the leddas which is referred to as weave (ex: "green weave", "black weave"), which is how most people refer to it. This is primarily a substitute for leather since no animals are used for their hides on Sartorias-deles.

Naturally, weave is thick and supple with a dull sheen (from its waxy covering). Any excess wax can be boiled for candles after the leddas is picked; the weave then gets dyed and processed until it is smooth. Thick weave is used to make heavy shoes and boots, usually with the sole reinforced with metal or wood, while thin weave is for fine shoes. Weave can also be woven into complicated, even multi-colored patterns. Shoe-makers are often located near candle-makers, so the wax is transported. Candle-makers will add scents to leddas wax for scent, and sometimes beeswax for brilliance.[1]

"Weave" is usually a few basic patterns, but the Danaran kingsfoil especially is a complicated pattern, with subtle colorations dyed in, very popular for fine dancing or court slippers and belts.


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