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Also known as hillfok. Human- and tree-like beings with innate magical abilities who live in the forests of the northern continents, and in a few isolated mountain peaks in the south, generally where the colorwoods grow, like in Remalna. They are humanoid in shape but taller and more slender, like trees. Their eyes are brown and they may be able to see inside human hearts or minds. They wear moss and flowers on their bodies and replant what they wear. They are very graceful and can be so still as to be unnoticed. Remalna is the closest to human civilization any of them live.

Two origins are rumored for the Hill Folk: that they used to be trees and were given human form by a sorcerer; or that they arrived on Sartorias-deles through one of the world gates. The Hill Folk arrived sometime before people settled the Remalnan or pre-Remalnan lands. They can make powerful magic, such as turning a mage into a tree. The Hill Folk have a Covenant with the people of Remalna: the Remalnans do not cut down trees, and in return the Hill Folk give them Firesticks. The Covenant was entered into after the Remalnans' deforestation for economic benefit threatened the Hill Folk homes amongst the trees. Hill Folk are said to walk in each others' dreams, and possibly meet mind-to-mind; they share a group awareness like telepathy. The Hill Folk are very long lived but are sensitive to herbs from other worlds, especially kinthus. When burned, kinthus causes them to sleep and never wake up. They make music with wind harps and reed pipes that can be heard on the mountaintops and by those humans that seek out their company. [1] They used to live in more areas of the world but have died off slowly. [2]

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