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Ama Hazanth

Second largest island polity outside of Geranda and unlike it, unified into one country.

The capital city, Torquenday, is built into the cliffs above the bay. It is a spectacular sight, and has never fallen despite Venn, pirate, Chwahir, Everoneth, and a host of other attempts to take it.

The islands are rugged, mountainous. The southernmost grow sugar on the heights and trade with the mainland, and there is also considerable gem mining. Ore and fine weaponry are also a commodity, and to a lesser extent coffee, though nothing like that of southern Goerael or Feleit. The Hazanthi are fierce, raised to be warriors, and if trouble doesn't come to them, the rulers, the Ghandorjiens, have had a habit of taking trouble elsewhere on various pretexts.

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