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Goerael Northern Peninsula

The peninsular lands extend from Sar Lorise in the south northward to Vandary and everthing east. The old capital of this area when first settled by the once-warring Venn and Toarans who became the first Color People is at Meir Bereth.

These countries, with their distinctive humans, are also home to the widest variety of other beings in the entire world. There are more centaurs here, maulan, morvende who live on the surface, etc, than anywhere else. There is a great deal of what's termed wild magic here, and there's such a blending of styles of music, in particular, that there had to be a treaty established with the Colendi years ago that people from this area could no longer compete in the Silver Feather competition, because they just about always won. So they tend not to go south: if people love music enough they have to come here to hear it. Many musicians from all over the world do travel here, thus these countries have more than their share of artists of various sorts.

Countries on the Goerael Northern Peninsula

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