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Coast Countries

These tiny polities, all divided by rivers, are the remnants of the quarrelsome descendants sent west by Nelsaim, mixed with would-be pirates, the last of the Venn who were abandoned after the empire fell, and anyone else passing through. Since no one has been able to gain precedence, and there is no economic worth in sending in an army to annex the area, these little countries are like broken teeth south of Tiljhe, which once divided itself off from the quarrels by a mage raising a mountain range. (The mountains, small, are one of the few that didn't seriously disrupt the environment).

The main trade here is shipbuilding, especially passenger and pleasure ships for outlanders. The locals are extraordinarily good at working scavenged wood from the rivers and coastlines into beautiful, sea-worthy vessels with fine furnishings inside.

The countries were the dumping ground for exiles, but since have attracted wood artisans from all over the world, who compete briskly in fine decoration and utility for ships. The countries have been overrun a few times, but maintaining them always turned out to be more costly than it was worth, as the people loved trouble, and the artisans would simply go elsewhere and hide out.

From west to east, the little kingdoms are: Jeth Ehr, Sed Aron, Ghanthur, Thiem, Horlan Fiem and the Llyenthur isles, whose history is much the same as the above, with the exception of exceptionally troublesome noble or royal heirs having been exiled there.

The isles were not at all pleased to have their name adopted by the commander of the Norsunder war, whose father was yet another exile there, and not a native, but on the other hand, their long history of harboring trouble-makers couldn't be denied.

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