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Capital: Chartann (once called Char-on-Tann)

Language: Ferzhi

Ruling Family: Fidara

The leading kingdom for that part of Goerael. It was once a loose federation forming a kind of empire until the Venn arrivals from above Sun Lake who eventually adopted the plains below the kingdom's southern hills. Language pollination eventually developed into what is called Ferzhi, which is a mixture of Venn, Sartoran, and a couple of the Toaran tongues, due to earlier attempts at colonization.

The capital, Chartann, was once Char-on-Tann, the Tann River bisecting the kingdom, winding through the ancient fault upthrust paralleling the coast, and draining in the south of Narieth. Once Narieth belonged to Dantherei, but the mountains made supervision difficult. Dantherei flexed its muscles a couple of times (inspired, no doubt, by the Velethi attempts to expand, and the subsequent alliances to drive them back) and reclaimed the surrounding kingdoms, to find themselves driven back, and alliances being made around them. A further humiliation was imposed when Tartha, one of Dantherei's richest provinces, was separated off by treaty. However, once burned, twice shy--Dantherei's leaders learned from travel to other continents, and adopted the Colendi policy of charming everyone, and negotiating treaties for regaining what they wanted. It's a long-term policy that has worked so far.

The royal family is currently the Fidara. Like many ruling families, they usually put "ru" before their name, indicating ownership of land, or supremacy. The Fidara maintain their kingdom now by light reins on a series of extremely complicated treaties and inter-worked alliances that bring goods to them--and keep their neighbors from combining against them lest they lose economic edge.

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