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Capital Paron, but it is really a summer city for the wealthy, the old castle having been turned into a cultural center. Egan pretty much looks to Khiven Harbor for what governing goes on--mostly having to do with trade.

A rich agricultural land co-existing with Lorise and looking to Aroth, which will probably become a part of that land. (Nothing will change except some of the trade customs. The people either live on farms and in farm communities, or in the trade villages along the rivers, and there is little political interest here now that Florianth is no longer a Venn colony. The castles once strung along the Talb River have mostly been abandoned, or else turned into something more useful.) This area still trades with the Venn, growing its wheat and other crops that are difficult to get in Venn. From the Venn they get the beautiful Venn stoves and other artifacts, which are traded south.

The language Harnesh or Toron (the latter a kind of Sartoran trade lingo that descends from the old traders' Dock Talk.)

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