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The capital of Florianth is at Ghendar--which is named after one of the Venn Oneli Houses who established a colony here. Florianth 's name is relatively recent, a version of a Harnesh word meaning 'treaty' or 'compromise' with connotations of harmony. For centuries it was called Westvenn, and the Venn held it grimly, as its far superior climate and soil was a main staple of the Venn empire.

The warlike Venn did not know that the mountains north of this colony contained geliaths, or a selense redien--the other peoples stayed hidden from the Venn for centuries.

When the kingdoms here banded together to fight the Venn off once and for all, allying with the nations east and south of the Land of the Venn, at first the neighboring lands were delighted to have Westvenn join, but once the Venn were contained, especially as the Venn culture persisted in Westvenn, no one would have anything to do with them. the Westvenn considered themselves superior to everyone else still, an attitude shared by absolutely no one, and so, after years of strife, they began finding ways to acclimate and encourage trade. Slowly this happened; eventually the castles along the Egan border were either abandoned or turned into towns, but when the leading families all married into Color families, producing Color children, the acceptance began. Changing the name of the nation was almost an after thought.

The people still speak Venn (trade has stayed steady, as the Land of the Venn still needs goods) but Toron is the main tongue.

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