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capital Khiven Harbor--the only city in the country, though there are many small trade towns up and down the two rivers, connecting to trade villages.

The main language is Toron, which is a descendant from the Sartoran based Dock Talk of traders almost a thousand years ago, who made it this far before the Venn took over the seas for a long time. The language was simple, so it spread; Harnesh, or Esheth as it's called in the North (the difference is mainly in pronunciation, with the usual sprinkling of local idiom and neologism) is a blend of several tongues, including the tense-complex centauroid tongue brought from outworld.

Lorise is agricultural, trades everywhere. It once belonged to Sar Lorise but split off after some political troubles caused mostly by consequences of armies raised and trained to fight off the Venn attempts to regain their ancient colonies. The kingdoms are all gradually drifting back together again, as they all share a trade network.

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